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Paradigm Software, L.L.C.

Paradigm Software, L.L.C.
113 Old Padonia Road, Suite 200
Cockeysville, MD 21030-4937
United States

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Paradigm Software’s CompuWeigh™ System is the standard in weighing and routing software. 

The system has been implemented completely in Microsoft® Windows and is well integrated with the Microsoft® Office suite of products and can operate over a network and/or stand alone mode. The system databases available are MSDE, SQL or ORACLE. The system is NTEP certified by the National Conference on Weight and Measures and will run any weigh-based facility including but not limited to Landfills, Transfer Stations, MRF/RRF, Aggregate, Quarry, Hauling, Routing, Container Tracking, Fleet Maintenance and WWTP businesses. 

The system is fully customizable to fit your business needs and has numerous add-on modules including but not limited to signature capture, PCI Compliant and Validated WeighPay Module (credit card processing), video capture, scale monitoring, split payments, insufficient funds, scale WeighPass, Message Queuing, Alerts, Rules, and many more. 

We have an integrated Accounts Receivable and Aging Module to provide your operation with a single data stream from processing your transactions at the point of sale to receiving payments for those transactions in the office. We can also export data to a third party accounting package for customer’s to handle their billing through a system that is currently in place. 

We have the ability to offer a Web Reporting Module which allow your customer’s the capability to access their transactions via the internet. They will be able to run reports on their transactions and export them to spreadsheets, PDF files and more. In addition, we can work with credit card processors to allow your customer’s to pay their invoices on-line as well. 

We provide an unmatched unattended processing solution that is customized to meet your facility’s needs. This solution will assist your operation by speeding up your customer’s transactions by charging directly to an account or allowing payment by credit card right at the unattended station. We have customers using this setup in order to extend their normal business hours for select customers who have been approved for after business hours entry and for allowing a customer to complete their own transaction without the assistance of an operator. 

Our system can control access gates, lights, photo eye devices and many other peripherals in order to streamline your scale house business operation. Our customer base consists of single computer single lane operations to the most complex multi-lane multi-computer configurations in the industry. The system is used by both municipal/government operations as well as facilities in the private sector. Our CompuRoute Module provides you with the ability to automate your collection routes and track the location your vehicles and containers. 

We provide our customers with solutions using the latest technologies available in order to provide you with a product that is second to none. The system is written completely in .NET programming language. 

Our customer support department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have over 22 years’ experience in the industry and have an excellent customer retention rate. 

Our employees have your best interest in mind and will work with you to implement the right solution for your business. The CompuWeigh™ System will be the last weighing and routing management software your company will ever need to buy. 

For a free on-line demonstration or to request product information, please visit our website at or call (410) 329-1300 and we will be happy to assist you.


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